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Black Friday 2023

Black Friday - Itziar and Mariángeles Estética

Origin of Black Friday:

The term " Black Friday " has a rich and varied history. Its origin can be traced back to Philadelphia, USA, with several theories as to how it came about. One of the first mentions dates back to 1869, when it was used to describe a financial crisis. However, the best-known root is found in the 1920s, when the term "Black Thursday" was coined due to the stock market crash.


The most popular version is related to the American tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving Day, which takes place on the fourth Thursday in November. After this holiday, people began to buy gifts for the Christmas season. "Black Friday" became the day when retailers experienced a significant increase in sales, allowing them to go from being in the red (losses) to being in the black (profits).



Black Friday has become a major celebration since the middle of the last century and is known for being the biggest sales day in the Western world. From the early hours of the morning, the stores attract crowds of customers looking for the best deals and discounts. At , we join this tradition by offering the best technology offers in Spain and Portugal for several consecutive years.


Black Friday in Spain:

In Spain, Black Friday began to gain relevance in 2012, when both physical stores and online stores began to celebrate it successfully. This phenomenon is due to the incredible offers that businesses offer during this day. Many consumers take advantage of this opportunity to advance their Christmas shopping at lower prices, making Black Friday a highly anticipated date on the Spanish shopping calendar.

Economic impact:

Black Friday is not only a day of frenetic shopping, but it also has a significant impact on the economy. Stores and online merchants often rely heavily on Black Friday sales to boost their annual revenue. Additionally, the growing popularity of this event has led to the creation of temporary jobs to meet the additional demand for staff during this season.


Digital Evolution:

With the rise of online shopping, Black Friday has undergone a major digital transformation. Many consumers choose to shop from the comfort of their homes through their electronic devices, which has led to an increase in online sales during this day. This evolution has led to increased competition among online retailers to offer the best deals and a more convenient shopping experience.


Black Friday and the Environment:

While Black Friday is a day of great deals and discounts, it has also become the subject of debate regarding its environmental impact. The increase in production and consumption of goods during this period can have negative implications for the environment. Some companies have begun to consider more sustainable practices, such as encouraging responsible purchasing and reducing unnecessary packaging, as part of their Black Friday deals.


In short, Black Friday is a tradition rooted in Western shopping culture that has evolved over time, influencing economics, technology, and environmental awareness. As it continues to develop, its impact and scope continue to be topics of interest and debate.