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Collagen is responsible for joining connective tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, bones, cartilage, hematological and adipose tissue and organs).

In this way, it would act as a support element that keeps the entire body together. Its function consists of the formation of fibers from which the body's structures are created; Therefore, it is responsible for the degree of firmness and elasticity of these structures and has a fundamental role in their hydration.

Collagen fiber has the ability to mix with many types of substances and minerals: in the case of bones, the combination of collagen with calcium crystals allows the formation of a hard and rigid structure; In the skin, it mixes with elastin and the resulting structure is network-shaped.

In the case of cartilage, it also combines with elastin and other types of substances and forms a gel that absorbs the impacts caused by joint movements. This occurs with all structures and tissues in the body.

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