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4 Tips to avoid losing energy in summer

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The soft breath of summer is already here, bringing with it days full of sun, long days and long-awaited adventures. However, as the season changes and the heat sets in, it is natural that some days we feel lacking energy, enveloped in the sensation of exhaustion and fatigue. How can we recover our vitality? Here we present four tips for the summer:

  1. Keep hydrated

Hydrating regularly and constantly is essential. Experiment by adding cucumber slices, strawberries, mint or lemon to the water for a refreshing and tasty touch. Don't forget to take care of your skin with creams, lotions and oils, since adequate hydration will keep it elastic and calm the effects of the sun. Have you tried the Anubis Total Hydrating Pack ? This pack not only hydrates, but also regenerates and tones the skin, providing relief after sun exposure.

  1. Conscious Eating

Adopt a balanced and varied diet. Vitamins and minerals are vital to avoid fatigue. Consider supplementing your diet with products like the new Gold Collagen® RX , which contains ingredients such as L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine, Vitamin D and Folic Acid. This supplement not only promotes hair growth and health, but also contributes to general well-being, providing energy, improving mood and strengthening the immune system.

Remember, you can combine nutricosmetics with aesthetic treatments to feel and look better.

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  1. Get active with Sports

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle, as it can decrease our daily energy. Practice gentle exercise and avoid the hottest hours. In addition to providing energy, exercise provides physical and emotional well-being.

Setting goals in sports or activities such as yoga will allow you to feel how you regain your vitality with each progress. Take advantage of outdoor activities to significantly improve your mood.

Remember to use sun protection to protect yourself from the sun's rays during this time. This step is essential in your beauty routine and will help prevent premature aging and future skin spots. Explore our range of sun products to find the right option for your skin and needs.

  1. Rest and Renewal

Prioritize rest. Maintain a consistent sleep routine as much as possible. Avoid electronic devices before bed, opt for light clothing, ventilate your bedroom regularly and drink water before bed. These practices will make you feel more revitalized and rested.

With these summer tips, you can enjoy a summer full of energy and vitality.

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