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Self tanners

The best option to get a natural tan without exposing your skin to the sun is self-tanners. A self-tanner is a cosmetic that serves to cause a progressive darkening of the skin. Its active ingredients act by causing the proteins in our skin to darken its tone for a beautiful, healthy and natural tan.

Of course: don't forget that, if you use tanning lotion, you will still need sun protection, both facial and body, to protect your dermis from sun exposure. Self-tanner does not harm your skin, but it does not protect it either, since this new (darker) color on your body has nothing to do with melanin. Choose yours from a wide range of brands and formats!

BEAUTY TIP: How do I apply my self-tanner? You must follow some very basic tips: 1º Exfoliate your skin 24 hours before application. 2º After 24 hours, apply the product all over the body from top to bottom (use a glove). 3º Wait 10 minutes before getting dressed and wear loose, dark clothing during the first hours.

Promociones de Self tanners

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