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ALQVIMIA is a brand that arises from the passion and vision of its founder, Idili Lizcano, who combined his philosophy and knowledge as a philosopher and perfumer to create a global and holistic concept of beauty and well-being in 1984. This approach ranges from the purity of nature to excellence in the skin care experience. This vision is what has elevated ALQVIMIA to its current position of prestige and excellence in the beauty industry.

One of the keys to ALQVIMIA's philosophy is aromatherapy, a technique of ancient origin that uses the properties of essential oils extracted from plants, flowers and bark. These essential oils are used not only for cosmetic purposes, but also for therapeutic and emotional purposes. The combination of essential oils and the holistic vision of beauty and well-being distinguishes ALQVIMIA from other cosmetic brands.

The brand prides itself on using 100% natural and organic ingredients in its products, backed by clinical testing in its laboratory. Its formulas are the result of the union of the best essential oils in the world and the highest quality raw materials. In addition, ALQVIMIA adheres to ethical practices by avoiding generating toxic waste and not testing on animals.

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