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Get ready for Christmas with the Belnatur Beauty Calendar

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The Christmas holidays are just around the corner, and we are all looking to look our best to celebrate this special season. If you want to have glowing, healthy skin for the holidays, Belnatur's 2023 Premium Beauty Advent Calendar is the answer. In this blog, we'll tell you all about this exciting launch that will help you activate, protect, firm, hydrate and brighten your skin for the holidays.

Discover the magic of Belnatur every day of December

This year, Belnatur surprises us with its first limited edition of the Beauty Advent Calendar. With 24 surprises hidden inside, this calendar will allow you to discover Belnatur's most outstanding products while you countdown to Christmas. The excitement of opening a little surprise every day will make your wait for Christmas Eve even more special.

What can you find in the Belnatur 2023 Advent Calendar ?

The Premium Beauty Advent Calendar is packed with Belnatur's best products, designed to offer you a unique beauty experience during the Christmas season. But what exactly can you expect to find inside? Here's a preview:

  • 3x Refiner: Refining and pore-minimizing concentrate.
  • 3x Oxygen: Oxygenating concentrate.
  • 2x Intense Plus: Lightening concentrate.
  • 3x Radiance: Illuminating and revitalizing concentrate.
  • 3x Sensitive: Protective and soothing concentrate.
  • 3x Hyaluronic Extract: Intensive hydrating concentrate.
  • 2x Secret: Regenerative and anti-aging concentrate with vitamin C.
  • 2x Lift: Firming and vitalizing tightening concentrate.
  • 1x Gravity: Tensing, firming, wrinkle-filling concentrate.
  • 2x Tensifirm: Vitalizing, nourishing and firming concentrate.

These products come in practical 72 ml formats, with 24 units of 3 ml each, or 2.4 US fl. oz. total. This means you'll have enough product to enjoy throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Experience beauty with Itziar & Mariángeles Estetica and Belnatur

This Belnatur Premium Beauty Advent Calendar not only provides you with high-quality products, but also invites you to explore the exciting world of beauty together with Itziar & Mariángeles Estetica and Belnatur. Every day in December will be an opportunity to discover a new surprise that will help you prepare for the holidays in a unique and exciting way.

In short, the Belnatur 2023 Premium Beauty Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for yourself or for that special person in your life. With its high-quality products, it will help you activate, protect, firm, hydrate and illuminate your skin for the Christmas holidays. Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of Belnatur this festive season!

So what are you waiting for? Be one of the first to purchase the Belnatur Premium Beauty Advent Calendar and start your countdown to a Christmas full of beauty and radiance. You will not regret!

belleza cuidado de la piel Navidad

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