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7 Reasons why this SPF50+ Protective Stick is ideal for your bag

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If you had already fallen in love with Germaine de Capuccini and her incredible Timexpert Lift(IN) , get ready to discover her latest launch: the Invisible Protective Stick SPF50+ , completely transparent, which is being our salvation on every summer day. Whether when we are on the street or traveling, we do not want to risk getting burned, and this sun cream stick is our infallible companion for the face and body. Here I present 7 reasons for you to fall in love too:

  • Adaptability in any situation.

With a formula that has high sun protection filters SPF 50+ (UVB, UVA, IR), this product protects the skin even in very harsh conditions. Whether in water activities, in the mountains, in the city or even in the snow, it adapts to all scenarios.

  • Incomparable lightness.

Its solid gel texture formula is absorbed instantly, leaving a transparent and matte finish, without a sticky feeling.

  • Absolute resistance.

Water, rain, snow or sweat, this sunscreen withstands it all.

  • Consciousness in every detail.

With eco-responsible certification, this product is "oil free" and respectful of coral reefs, complying with Hawaii Law . Suitable for children, it has been tested even on the most sensitive skin, without irritating the eyes!

  • Cosmetic benefits.

Beyond its sun protection, Germaine de Capuccini's Invisible Protective Stick SPF50+ hydrates the skin and contains ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier and improve its structure. Among them is vitamin E, which prevents oxidative damage caused by sunlight.

  • Ideal for caring for scars, marks or tattoos.

Its stick applicator is precise and the product adheres perfectly to the skin without leaving residue.

  • Your perfect travel companion.

Its 25 ml stick presentation is attractive and practical to carry with you at all times. Without a doubt, it will become your essential companion for this summer.

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